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Johnny Moss

'The Coach'



Johnny Moss started his journey 20 years ago after seeing an advert, in the now defunct Powerslam magazine, promoting Hammerlock Wrestlings annual Summer Camp. After taking a grueling nine hour coach journey through night from his hometown of Whitehaven, a young Moss made his way to St Mary's Bay in Kent to embark on a childhood ambition.

It was evident right away that this was the place to be for any wrestling fan hoping to one day step through the ropes!

The training was thorough and intense, it covered every aspect of pro wrestling.

It wasn't long after that Moss made his Pro Debut in Folkestone 1998. Soon enough he was embarking on his first U.S trip over to North Carolina 1999.

Since that time Johnny Moss has travelled to over 14 different countries to ply his trade, such places as Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, United States, Canada, Qatar and more.

Moss is one of the most well traveled performers on the UK circuit and continues to get overseas offers on a regular basis.

It was also at Hammerlock Wreslting where Moss developed his coaching skills. After only a couple of years in the ring he would be asked by Hammerlock wrestling to show newcomers the basics, from there he progressed and qualified as both Teacher and Coach under the International Budo Federation. Since then has coached hundreds of people all over the world ans i regular guest coach at the WWE Performance Centre in Orlando, Florida.


I want people to be to experience the sort of training that we had years ago, training that guys like Doug Williams, Johnny Storm, Danny Garnell, Gary Steele, Zack Sabre Jr, Fergal Devitt...we all came from Hammerlock wrestling.

That is why I am so excited about bringing the training camps back...I had the time of my life at these, all like minded individuals together that loved pro wrestling! As we were training every day we soaked it up like sponges...sure it was hard work but it moulded us all into what we are today.

I look forward to seeing everybody at the school and passing on the knowlage that was passed down to me and what I have picked up on my travels.

Finally, I hope anyone reading this site is motivated by its content enough that it gives them the push they need to get up achieve their dreams and goals.


                                                                    Thank you


Johnny Moss



Johnny Moss in action

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