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Read what well repected people within professional wrestling have had to say about the opening of The Johnny Moss School of Wrestling

Dave Mastiff
Top uk pro

'Go and check out Johnny Moss and his new wrestling school. Intense. Legitimate...If you want to learn then go and do it the right way'

Jeremy Borash

,Johnny Moss is a fantastic performer inside the ring and a first class person outside the ring.

The wisdom and respect he has within the industry make him a perfect choice to take any aspiring wrestler to the next level.'

Rockstar Spud

'Great news for aspiring UK wrestlers as Johnny Moss has opened a training school.

Worked all over with the best in the industry. Great man!'


'Johnny Moss has been one of the men that has influenced me the most in my career and someone I am proud to call a friend. His patience and attention to detail when I was begining laid the foundations of who I was in the ring and continues to give me diet and training advise to this day.

He is a true leader and I have no doubt his school will be a breading ground for the next generation of British talent. Im looking forward to doing some training again with Johnny and meeting all the team'


Fergal Devitt



'Good news for wannabe wrestlers Johnny Moss is soon opening a training school. Seriously consider going there to learn from the best.

Moss was a Hammerlock original and coached there alongside Andre Baker. Hammerlock turned out some of the best talent around at all levels'.



Zack Sabre Jr

'I couldn't be happier to find out that Johnny Moss is opening a wrestling school.

He is someone that from day 1 of meeting has been incredibly approachable for advise both in and out of the ring and goes out of his way to assist, he was a big influence on me at my time at Hammerlock.

His professionalism, versatility in wrestling styles and skill and kind nature make him a perfect coach

That someone with his talent and experience is such a genuinely nice bloke, I couldnt recommend training at his school more!

I also think Andre would be incredibly proud to know the Hammerlock name is living on with John at the helm

Top Scottish pro

'The news of Johnny Moss opening a training school is truly a wonderful sign for the future of profesional wrestling in the UK'

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