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'Mossy's School of Hardknocks &


This brand new training school, set in the small Cumbrian town of Egrememont, is the first of its kind in the county.

After only opening its door 6 months ago the School of Hardknocks and Hammerlocks has already made its mark, With people travellig from Ireland, Holland, France, Spain, Finland and even Austraslia to train under the guidance of Johny Moss!

The school has also seen its first student make his pro debut and recently was recognised as the best school in the north of england at the Northern Wrestlers Reuinion in Leeds

Please read below to learn more about The Johnny Moss School of Wrestling.


The Johnny Moss School of Wrestling is a throwback to the days when wrestling 'gyms' were simply rings in small lock ups, decorated with posters from previous events where wrestlers would go to hone their skills and test each other on the mat! These 'gyms' however were considered a closed shop to outsiders back when the wrestling business was highly protected and secretive. They have since however faded away...untill now!

The Johnny Moss School of wrestling gives an old school feel with a new approach, this is evident by the many posters and flyers that are dripping from the walls featuring such greats as Billy Robinson, Mick Mcmanus, Marty Jones, Johnny Saint, Rollerball Rocco, Fit Finlay...this list goes on in this intimate training environment. It's almost a private training school that has been opened to the public in a bid to create the next generation of stars or where current stars can come to brush up on their existing skills just like a previous generation.

So, whatever your skill level, if you're a total newcomer looking to achieve your dream or an existing pro who is passionate about his craft, the Johnny Moss School of Wrestling caters for all!

Most appealing, due to Moss's diverse list of contacts from all over the world, any trainee showing promise is guarenteed the chance to debut on a live show!

So please explore the website and if you have any questions at all please contact





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